The OSMTHU associates and supports the leading world researchers in Templar studies. These include the most traditional academic historical works on the crusades, the middle ages and chivalric orders, as well as studies that help us understand how some of the values, aims and practices of the historical Order of the Temple are still valuable in today’s world. These studies include history, literature, theology, archaeology, art and heraldry, as well as context providing research on anthropology, sociology, symbolism, everyday life and beliefs of both Christian knights and the expanding world they lived on, influenced by the early travels to the far lands of India and China in the East and the Affortunated Islands in the West.

Please, enjoy a sample of the work we have made available for our students.


In Praise of the New Knighthood

Understanding the Crusades

The Medieval Sword

Templar Chronicles – Alcobaça

Os Templários em Portugal