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The Templar Corps International is a group of men and women with a Templar background, organized locally in units spread across the world, ready to put their energy, passion and intelligence at the service of mankind.

Although it was created by the Secular Templar Order under the Sovereign Military Order of the Temple of Jerusalem Universal, Templar Corps members come from a wide range of Templar Orders in over 25 countries, whose membership to a Templar structure is acknowledged and equivalent rank given for the service in the TCI. A significant number of members have come to the Templar Corps with no previous Templar connection of any kind – which is not required.

Serving the Templar Corps is not incompatible or a substitute to membership of any Order, Association or organization. It is the materialization of the service commitment of a true Knight at heart, a way to further develop the values and ethical aspirations that characterized the chivalry role model perpetuated in the old Holy Grail legends and other literary and historical sources.

The Templar Corps is  not about revising the past or resurrecting anachronistic ways of life. Instead, it’s about the future and how to, securely anchored in the best spiritual tradition of the past, with clear and present memory, live a life of fulfillment and achievement, pursuing the highest ideals of peace, truth and freedom.