The OSMTHU is always pleased to work with branches of the Order that show Provenance, full verifiable lineage and real commitment to the Templar ideal and values.

We also extend our friendship to every Knight and Dame of any Order of Chivalry whose lineage is true and sincere. History of the Templar tradition and the many Orders of Chivalry that have taken the Order of the Temple as a model, has been full of turmoil and disaggregation. There are many groups that are composed of noble Knights and Dames with a true spirit of Chivalry, despite their long lost connection to one of the main lines of transmission. We extend our friendship to them.

It’s not the intention of the OSMTHU to be the only possible model for contemporary Templar revival. For that reason, we are not seeking groups to come under our “protective wing” and recognize “our ways”, or “our leadership”. Instead, we prefer to extend the friendship of Diplomatic Bonds with other groups, each keeping their identity and leadership, cooperating, side by side, as true brothers.

If you desire to connect with the OSMTHU, please send an email to the Chancellery at