Akademia Templária de Sintra

The Templar Akademy is an institution created for the advancement of research, learning and publishing activities related to the Order.

For a long time and still today in many Orders that maintain Spiritual Chivalry alive, it was possible to become a Knight or a Dame overnight, without having any knowledge of the traditions and teachings of Chivalry. The OSMTHU has been working on a Learning Program for many years, in order to provide those who seek a spiritual and personal pathway by living according to the values and traditions of Chivalry, may access the source information in a systematic and compelling way. The Akademy is the institution within the Order that cares for that need.

The Order will establish Free Akademies in places where a Commandry or Priory have research groups working, upon request. The first Akademi was created in Sintra, Portugal, under the supervision of the Priory of Portugal.

The Akademi promotes study Courses, Conferences and Debates and publishes books and study bulletins.

Members of the Order and students that are not part of it may enroll in Akademy courses and events.

In 2015 the Order expects that a devoted international site will be available. Meanwhile all Akademy related enquiries should be sent to the Chancellery:

The International Chancellery

Akademy Resources



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The Medieval Sword

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