The Sumpremus Militaris Ordo Templi Hierosolimitani Universalis (OSMTHU) is an Order of Chivalric descent, that offers to its members a system of studies and initiation based on the ancient traditions of Spiritual Knighthood and ideal. It is modeled in remeberance of the Order of the Temple, protagonists of one of the most inspiring and enduring stories of the Middel Ages. The Order is linked to the ancient masters of Chivalry by an uninterrupted chain, of both ininitaion in Knighthood and ordenation in the Christian Church.

The present OSMTHU claims no direct link or descent from the historical Templar Order, although we can trace our existence as a “templar inspired” Order back to the early XVIII century and the revival of Fabré-Palaprat in the XIX century. We pledge to live according to those ancient codes of honour and chivalry and conduct our actions as members of the Order and individuals within the most strict Christian spiritual tradition in a broad ecumenical sense.

At the moment there are many groups in the world claiming “Templar” legitimacy and descent and they should be looked at for their “fruits”, not their fantastic claims. Our Order is positioned within the ancient branch animated by Parlaprat in XVIII century France that survived to this day spread around the world organised in smaller branches. The OSMTHU was established by the will of a number of long existing Autonomous Priories that joined in the preparation of free and universal elections among Templar groups and succeeded to elect a new Master and Magisterial Council.

The Christian Church is, in strictu senso, not part of the OSMTHU, but there is no completion of the Templar ideal without the Ordenation that only a very rare and precious sacrament can bestow and confirm.

To contact the Chancellery, please use the official email address:

We mantain and encourage fraternal contacts with other branches of the OSMTJ/OSMTH.