From 2007 to 2009, after Master Antonio Paris suspended his term in office due to personal health problems, the Chancellor Fr+ Luis de Matos organized new elections, according to the Rules of the Order. Please see the article in the Templar Globe about that subject.

OSMTHU Electoral Procedure Opened until March 2009

At the end of the term, no candidates presented candidatures. It was decidade by the Magisterial Council that the Chancellor would also assume the role of Interin Master and prepare the needded background work to call new elections. In the folowing years several Priories left the Order, leaving only two possible candidates for the position and very few voting members. The OSMTHU prides itself of always holding free universal elections audited by independent partners. The Magisterial Council believes that, after the re-structure taken place in 2016, elections should take place in a very short period of time.

Currently, the Order maintains as Master Emeritus Fr+ Antonio Paris and Interim Master, Fr+ Luis de Matos.

Master Emeritus Fernando de Toro-Garland (left in the photo) passed away in June 2017.